Venice, 1695, Venise Ville Capitale, City Plan, De Fer Map



A spectacular large-scale, seventeenth-century plan of Venice, created and published by Nicolas de Fer, and masterfully engraved by Hendrik (Herman) van Loon in 1695. This remarkably detailed map is a treasure chest of historical and cultural information about the “City of Canals” and the Most Serene Republic. The center of the layout is a usable city plan, focused on the major sestieri, piazzas, canals, bridges, palazzi and public buildings. The map includes numerous views, illustrations of events, and reference tables with keys to over 400 places of interest. The top right part contains an inset map of the Venetian Lagoon with all of the islands, the lagoon and coastline, and surrounding areas in the Gulf of Venice. The map was dedicated to the Dauphin of France, to whom de Fer was an official cartographer. After de Fer’s death in 1720, his successor Guillaume Danet reissued the map as a part the ongoing publication of Atlas ou Recueil de Cartes Geographiques — Nicolas de Fer’s grand folio atlas.

Map title: Venise, Ville Capitale de la plus Celebre, et Illustre Republique de l’Europe (Venice, Capital City of the most Celebrated and Illustrious Republic of Europe)

• 17th-century large, detailed city plan of Venice, Veneto, Italy, by Nicolas de Fer
• Fine Art Premium Giclée (Gouttelette) Print (100% cotton 340 gsm fine art paper)
• Made in USA