Why Battle Maps?

Because they are all battle maps. History tells us that even maps produced in peacetime would inevitably become tools of war. Battles for land, search for gold, ambitions of power — are all imprinted on those beautifully crafted fragments of the human narrative, called maps.

Often the treasures were the actual maps — keeping the secret knowledge of their times, and revealing their ingenuity and artistry only to posterity. Many of those ethereal treasures have turned into rare material valuables over the centuries. Today few of the originals may be purchased at impossible prices, while most of the rest have been damaged or completely lost.

Our humble mission is to gently bring those masterpieces back to life. What are the ingredients of the revival process? Love, knowledge and respect. Love — the love of antique and historically significant maps. Knowledge — the constant study of the time period that produced them. Respect — the respect for the artifact; we might take certain flaws out of a map, but we never take out the history.

What other ingredients do we use in our process? We use the best printing equipment commercially available in the world today. Called by some Gouttelette, or the next generation of Giclée, the printing process combines 10, 11, or 12-color pigments on the finest quality art papers, to produce striking prints that will last for generations. Each print is literally handled with white gloves in a climate-controlled environment, until it is securely packaged and sent out.


Battlemaps.us is a veteran-owned, family operated, proudly American business.