Tunisia 1943 Battle of Kasserine Pass


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“Even these many years later, it pains me to reflect on that disaster. It was probably the worst performance of U.S. Army troops in their whole proud history.” - General Omar Bradley

In the early morning hours of February 14, 1943, the German Afrika Korps launched OPERATION FRUHLINGSWIND against the U.S. Army in central Tunisia.  This map reflects the actions over the first four days that would become known as the Battle of Kasserine Pass – America’s baptism of fire in the European theater in the Second World War. Red arrows depict the movements of the German 21st and 10th Panzer Divisions. Blue arrows and symbols marking 1st Armored and 34th Infantry Divisions defensive positions, counterattacks, and retreats. The map is believed to be part of a after action briefing conducted after February 18, 1943. In the end, the U.S. and British re-enforcements stop the German advance on February 22nd. Three months later the fighting in North Africa is over when the last of the Afrika Korps surrenders. This map is a snapshot of the U.S. Army’s seminal moment in World War 2.
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