South Carolina, 1777, Charleston, View from the South Shore of Ashley River



A view of Charles Town (present-day Charleston), South Carolina, from the northeastern shore of James Island, across the Charleston Harbor. The vantage point of the drawing suggests that it was made approximately from the location of today’s James Island Yacht Club. The view was an inset watercolor sketch incorporated in Des Barres’ 1777 map, “The Harbour of Charles Town in South-Carolina from the Surveys of Sr. Jas. Wallace Captn. in his Majesty Navy & Others, with A View of the Town from the South Shore of Ashley River” / Published… 1777 by J.F.W. Des Barres Esqr.”

A view of the Town (of Charleston) from the South Shore of Ashley River, 1777, J. F. W. Des Barres
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