Pearl Harbor 1941, Japanese Battle Damage Estimate



Captain Mitsuo Fuchida, leader of the Japanese first wave of their December 7th attack, created and used this map to brief the emperor on December 26, 1941. He drew that map himself based on accounts from his pilots and his own observations as the Japanese task force sailed back to Japan. He told the emperor that he believed his map to be 80% accurate after their successful raid on the American Naval Base in Hawaii.

Fuchida details the class of ships, weapons used, and the level of damage inflicted i.e., Nevada Class, torpedo or bombs and minor to serious. The Japanese characters were later translated into English after the war.

  • Map title: Estimated damage report against surface ships on the air attack of Pearl Harbor, December 8th, 1941 / 布哇海戦対水上艦船戦果圖・昭和十六年十二月八日 / Hawai Kaisen tai suijō kansen senkazu, Shōwa jūrokunen jūnigatsu yōka
  • Hand drafted US operational specifics in red, blue, black, and green pencil
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