I Want You For U.S. Army, 1917, WWI Uncle Sam Poster, Flagg


Brand: Battlemaps.us

James Montgomery Flagg’s iconic I Want YOU for U.S. Army poster with Uncle Sam, from 1917. Easily the most famous poster in the world, it was created at the end of WWI as a recruiting effort by the US government, and was modeled after a 1914 British poster featuring Lord Kitchener. J. M. Flagg’s creation shows Uncle Sam pointing at and looking directly into the viewer. Flagg used his own face for the portrait. The Uncle Sam “I Want YOU” poster went on to become a highly successful tool in the U.S. governement’s recruitment campaigns for both WWI and WWII. Considered by some the finest piece of propaganda ever made, it has also become one of the most spoofed pieces of graphic art of all time. This early edition shows the original colors. In later versions, Uncle Sam’s coat becomes gradually bluer and brighter. (Print full size: 24” x 33.35”; image only size: 23.514” x 32.755”; frames perfectly as: 24” x 32”.)

• Title: I Want YOU for U.S. Army / nearest recruiting station...; signed: James Montgomery Flagg
• Fine Art Premium Giclée Print (100% cotton 340 gsm textured fine art paper)
• Made in USA

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