Fort Meigs, 1813, Siege & Battle, War of 1812, Antique Map



A plan of Fort Meigs and its environs during the War of 1812. This old map is a very interesting mix of poems and pictorial descriptions of the siege and battle of Fort Meigs, and the operations of the American forces under General — and later President of the United States — William Henry Harrison. The British Army under General Proctor, and its allies led by Tecumseh, tried to take the fort twice during the war and failed each time. Today Fort Meigs is a National Historic Landmark located in Perrysburg, Ohio.

• Map of the Siege and Battle of Fort Meigs, Ohio, during the War of 1812
• Fine Art Premium Giclée (Gouttelette) Print (100% cotton 340 gsm fine art paper)
• Made in USA