South Carolina, 1776, Battle of Fort Sullivan, Charleston, Revolutionary War Map



A Revolutionary War map showing the Battle of Fort Sullivan (Fort Moultrie) on Sullivan’s Island near Charleston, South Carolina, on June 28, 1776. Done in a two-part style, the map was meant to tell the story of the battle to the public in England. The top half of the layout is a traditional battle map, showing British Army and Royal Navy positions and movements, and the bottom half contains a narrative of the battle. The British Army was defeated and would not return to Charleston until 1780. Title: A Plan of the Attack, Fort Sulivan, the Key of Charles Town in South Carolina, on the 28th of June 1776. By His Majesty’s Squadron, Commanded by Sir Peter Parker, By an officer on the spot.

• Revolutionary War map of the Battle of Fort Sullivan (Sulivan), Charleston (Charlestown), South Carolina, 1776
• Also referred to as: The Battle of Sullivan’s Island and First Siege of Charleston
• Fine Art Premium Giclée (Gouttelette) Print (100% cotton 340 gsm fine art paper)
• Made in USA