North Carolina, 1781, Guilford, Battle, Revolutionary War Map (II)



Revolutionary War map of the Battle of Guilford Court House in North Carolina. The battle was fought on March 15, 1781, at present-day Greensboro, NC, between British forces commanded by Lord Cornwallis and Continental Army led by Major General Nathanael Greene. The battle resulted in a British Pyrrhic victory, as the Americans inflicted heavy casualties and sustained a strategic victory over the British, pushing them farther up norh into Virginia and thwarting their recruitment drive in the Carolinas. Seven months later Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown to General Washington and Comte de Rochambeau, effectively ending the American Revolutionary War. (Guilford was sometimes alternatively spelled “Guildford”.)

• Revolutionary War map of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina, March 15, 1781
• Title: Battle of Guilford, Fought on the 15th of March, 1781
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