New York 1777 Saratoga



"The fortunes of war have made me your prisoner," said British Lieutenant General John Burgoyne as he handed his sword to Major General Horatio Gates after surrendering to the American general.

The plan by Lieutenant William Cumberland Wilkinson, 62nd Regiment of Foot depicts the battles of September and October 1777 near Saratoga, New York, during the American Revolutionary War. The American victories ended the British invasion launched from Canada under the command of Lieutenant General John Burgoyne. The victory resulted in the French signing a Treaty of Alliance supporting the American effort for independence. The Battle of Saratoga is one of the most important battles of the American Revolution.


The encampment & position of the army under His Excy. Lt. Gl: Burgoyne at Swords's and Freeman's Farms on Hudsons River near Stillwater, 1777.
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