Texas, 1836, the Alamo, Manuscript Plan, Texas Revolution


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“Remember the Alamo”

A manuscript plan of the Battle of the Alamo near San Antonio de Bexar, Texas, in 1836. The plan shows the fortress, cannon batteries, and troop positions and movements of both the Texian defenders and the Mexican Army. The sketch was drawn by Jose Juan Sanchez-Navarro, an Adjutant Inspector in the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution, and an eyewitness and veteran of both the Siege of Bexar in 1835 and the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Sanchez-Navarro kept a detailed journal during his service. In 1836 the Alamo Mission became the site of one of the most famous battles in American history, and thereafter a shrine of Texas independence.

• Plan of the Battle of the Alamo, at San Antonio de Bexar, Texas, 1836, Texas Revolution
• Title: [ES] Fuerte de Sn. Antonio de Balero, llamado comunmente del Alamo: …
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