Battle of Midway Naval Plotting Chart



This plotting chart of the Battle of Midway is a snapshot in time created after the battle to capture the major events. Circles on the chart denote “contacts” and “attacks.”  Each event is accompanied with an explanation or description of the action that occurred at that location. The chart covers all three days of the battle from June 3 to June 6, 1942. A blow-up table describing the actions on June 4th is provided in the lower right corner of the chart.

The date of production of the chart is not known but Naval Intelligence used it in a Combat Narrative on the battle published in the spring of 1943. The chart contains information from Ensign George Gay, an eyewitness to the battle and the sole survivor of Torpedo Squadron 8 from the U.S.S. Hornet. He was rescued after spending 30 hours in a life raft. A disclaimer on the front cover explains, “Narratives were written to fill a temporary requirement before the appearance of official and semiofficial complete histories. Due to hastily gathered and oftentimes incomplete information there are certain inaccuracies.”

• WWII Chart of the Naval Battle of Midway in 1943 by US Naval Intelligence
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