Waterloo, 1815, Battle Map with Description & Positions


Brand: Battlemaps.us

The first commercially available map of the Waterloo Campaign, published in England six weeks after the battle had taken place. For most of the British public, this was the first glimpse of the famous battle. The map title reads: The Battle of Waterloo, Taken on the Spot, after the Action of the 18th June 1815, Presented & Dedicated with Permission to H.R.H. the Duke of York, by Lieut. Tyler 2nd G.B. [Garrison Battalion]. The bottom part of the map contains a legend with ‘References’ and a detailed “Description and Position of the Battles of the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th of June, 1815”.

• Battle of Waterloo, 1815, first commercial map depicting the campaign, (contains a description)
• Fine Art Premium Giclée (Gouttelette) Print (100% cotton 340 gsm fine art paper)
• Made in USA