Virginia, 1755, Fry–Jefferson Map, Wall Map Mounted with Rollers



The First Map of Virginia by Virginians Full map title: A Map of the most Inhabited part of Virginia, containing the whole Province of Maryland with Part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina, Drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1751. Commonly known as “The Fry-Jefferson Map”, as it was surveyed and drawn by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson, father of future President Thomas Jefferson, this map is widely considered as the most important map of Virginia produced in the 18th century. Both the British and the French used the map in the French and Indian War, and in the American Revolutionary War. Although Fry and Jefferson completed the manuscript of their map in 1751, it was first engraved and published in London by Thomas Jefferys in 1753. Artist and engraver Francis Hayman, a popular historical painter and a founding member of the Royal Academy, and Charles Grignion, were commissioned to design the cartouche. The later states of the map of 1754 and 1755 corrected certain errors of the first edition by using data collected by Fry, Christopher Gist, and young George Washington. The current item is a one of a kind, artisan replica of the map, only available through This is a gouttelette print mounted on specially selected linen backing, with historically accurate, colonial-era style, black wooden rollers. The whole product was made and assembled by hand, by master craftsmen, where the original was once created — in Virginia, USA.

• An 18th-century wall map of Virginia and surrounding provinces, with linen backing and black wooden rollers
• Map title: A Map of the most Inhabited part of Virginia…, 1751 (1755), J. Fry & P. Jefferson
• Fine Art Premium Giclée (Gouttelette) Print (100% cotton 340 gsm fine art paper)
• Size map only: 36” x 23” / 91 x 58 cm (approx.)
• Size with rollers: 47” x 25.5” / 119 x 64 cm
• Handcrafted in Virginia